Chef Studio Kitchen Joint Stock Company is committed to protecting your personal information. We always do our best to store and securely handle our customers’ information carefully.
Below is our Privacy Policy to respect, which protects the rights of you and visitors to the website.

1. Purpose Of Information Collection

  • We collect necessary personal information on only for the following purposes:
  • Order processing: To quickly handle issues related to orders and requests of customers;
  • Account maintenance: To create and maintain your account with us, including loyalty programs and offers associated with your account;
  • Customer services: Including support, answering questions, handling your requests, feedback or complaints about products and services;
  • Security: To prevent customer tampering.

2. Scope Of Information Collection

To use some services and receive information from you can register an account with personal information (Gmail, Full name, Phone number, etc). All information needs to be accurate and legal. Chef Studio Kitchen Joint Stock Company is not responsible for the law of the information you provide.
Each time you visit the website, we may collect information via the web, including IP address, type of web browser, the language used, time, and addresses accessed by web browsers.

3. Storage Time

The customer’s personal information will be stored until the customer requests to cancel or manually logs in and revokes. In all cases, customer’s personal information will be kept confidential on’s server.

4. Privacy Of Personal Information

Once a customer submits personal information to us and has agreed to the terms of this policy, we are committed to keeping your personal information confidential in any way possible.
Chef Studio Kitchen Joint Stock Company commits not to share, disclose or transfer customer information to a third party (Except for the case where it is required to do so at the request of a competent authority or if the customer commits acts of misconduct in E-commerce law).

  • Chef Studio suggests keeping your password-related information confidential and not sharing it with anyone else.
  • If using a shared computer with many people, you should log out or exit all open Website windows.

5. Data Security

Chef Studio always strives to keep our customers’ personal information safe, and we have been implementing many safety measures, including:
Ensuring safety in the operating environment: We store our customers’ personal information in a secure working environment and are accessible only to employees, representatives, and service providers as needed. We comply with industry standards and laws concerning customers’ personal information Privacy.
Suppose the information server is attacked by a hacker, leading to the loss of customer personal data. In that case, we will report the incident to the authorities for timely investigation and handling. At the same time, inform customers about the current status.
Payment information is kept confidential according to legal standards.

6. Use Of Personal Information

We collect and use customers’ personal information for a purpose that is entirely consistent with the content of the “Privacy Policy.”
Customers’ Personal information is used to contact directly or in the following forms: Order status notification, thank you letter, promotional notice, technical information, support, answers to customer inquiries, etc., if you place an order or register to receive email notifications.

7. Customer Benefits

Customers have the right to provide personal information and can change that decision anytime.
Customers can self-check, update and adjust their personal information by logging into their account, correcting personal information, or questioning us to do this.

8. Personal Information Collection And Management Unit

Business name: Chef Studio Kitchen Joint Stock Company
Tax code: 0110053928
Address: Villa L41, land lot D04, Duong Noi new urban area, Duong Noi ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi city
Hotline: 1900 3080
Email: [email protected]

9. Validation

This Privacy policy is valid from November 20, 2019.