Chef Studio – Vietnam’s leading kitchenware brand

Established in 2019, as a young business, Chef Studio always focuses on the benefits of Vietnamese users, with the
orientation of building a top quality ecosystem for kitchen lovers.

Vietnam’s leading kitchenware brand

It has been difficult and tumultuous, but Chef Studio has maintained its performance and continues to be a companion of Vietnamese families. Throughout the years of operation, we have focused on developing and affirming our position as a leading enterprise providing high-quality, safe, healthy kitchenware products.

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Chef Studio

Development Goals

Staying ahead of the trends is our business goal. Chef Studio is the first enterprise to bring aesthetic, durable, and safe Teak cutting boards to Vietnamese consumers.
Although we are the pioneer and leading bird in the high-end kitchenware industry, we always strive to confidently join this race and affirm our name and position in many demanding markets, such as the US and Europe,…
In addition, Chef Studio also focuses on developing products that meet international standards, with the aspiration to bring “Made in Vietnam” products to the world.
As a “young but not young” business, we have been a partner of many leading brands and factories in the world: Lodge Cast Iron, KAI, Zwilling JA Henckels…

Business philosophy

Chef Studio’s “guideline” in business is sustainable development and long-term companionship with customers. Therefore, we continue to create, research, produce, and distribute high-end kitchenware products. It especially improves the quality of life and raises the level of the domestic manufacturing industry.
The consultants are up to hundreds of people with expertise and experience, ready to listen and support customers. We are professionalizing not only products but also service and customer experience.


The vision is to be the leading luxury kitchenware brand in Vietnam, dominating the domestic and international markets. For us, every cook deserves to be a chef.
A business that makes a good product but little is known about it means “fault” with the consumer. Understanding this, Chef Studio will continue to promote, expand the market and cooperate with international partners so that more and more families can use outstanding and safe products.

Chef Studio


With the orientation to become the top destination for every kitchen, we focus on high-quality products. In particular, it provides the safest, most modern, and most comfortable experience.
CEO of Chef Studio, Mr. Ta Quang Trung, shared: “I want to wake consumers, first of all, Vietnamese people, about protecting their health and their families. My company and I have a strategy to cover the market so that every family is happy using safe products.

Core values

Chef Studio will continue to develop and grow, bearing in it three core values: Creativity – Understanding – Responsibility
– Creativity: Chef Studio is constantly researching and bringing to the market new products.
– Understanding: The health and experience of our customers are our top priority.
– Responsibility: Chef Studio cares about customers’ health, reflected in the quality of all the products we distribute and manufacture.
With the mission of making Chef Studio the leading kitchenware brand, our staff is committed to bringing each customer the ultimate shopping experience and product satisfaction.